Ocean & Marine Education – Call for Best Practices

WEEC Network inquiry about ocean and marine education

WEEC Network is starting an inquiry, devoted to investigate ongoing projects, experiences and tools (handbooks, multi-media, etc.) related to ocean and marine education, inspired by the fact that the year 2018 marks the beginning of a new decade of action under the auspices of the United Nations on the theme Water for Sustainable Development.

Send us (as soon as possible) the name of the project (or the tool), a short description and a website reference. Please send us also your academic profile, a short bio or your area of interest.

Who can join this?
Anyone! Experts, Professors, Phd/Researchers, local centres, associations or practitioners, people from the civil society, citizens.

What’s going to happen with the submitted information?
The results of this outreach will be spread through the WEEC website, a report about the theme and during the next 10th WEEC 2019 in Bangkok.

Any question?
Write us at water@weecnetwork.org

Thank you!

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